About Elizabeth

I believe all people can connect through Kindness

Think about the hundreds of languages in the world. Isn’t it amazing that a simple smile can speaks every single one of those languages?

A smile is an example of a simple act of Hospitality. And a wonderful foundation for building connection!

I believe all people can connect through Food

A few years ago, I wasin Rome andhad an amazing “food/connection” experience, whileeating at a small neighborhood café’.

Approximately 10 tables were served by an elderly Roman woman who would cook all day – every day – then welcome neighbors in the evenings to enjoy her delicious dishes.

That, within itself, was her way of connecting. But she didn’t stop there.

This adorable hostess shared lively conversation, filling glasses of wine, and as she servicedmy table, she began speaking to me in Italian for several minutes.

I responded in “I-tal-en-glis-thern”.
A slaughtering of the Italian language, with a dashof English, and a southern drawl, yawl!

But guess what?

We understood each other perfectly!

We both spoke “SMILE” – a n d – we both spoke “EDIBLE LOVE”.

And just as you can smile in every language, preparing and sharing food with others is a way we connect and show love to one another. It’s a way we show Hospitality.

Food speaks all of the world’s love languages!

The first milk babies around the world receive?

The people around the world who prepare and share food with their communities, tribes, or those in need?

That MAMBO tub of Ice Cream YOUR best friend brings over when your heart is broken?

My mission is toconnect people using the gifts of Hospitality

By doing so, the result is more happiness in my life, your life, in the lives we touch.
Kindness and Food will play a big role, as will Politeness, Helpfulness, Charm and Charity.
These things are desperately needed in our world today, with humanity starved to receive them.
Danny Meyer, a New York City restaurateur, and hospitality advocate, does a great job of explaining why.

Within months of being born, most babies find themselves receiving the first four gifts of life:
Eye Contact, A Smile, A Hug, And Some Food . . .
the PUREST Hospitality transactions we’ll ever have,
and it’s not much of a surprise that we’ll crave those gifts for the rest of our lives.

Hospitality exist when something intentionally happens ‘FOR’ you. (not “TO” you)
It’s about creating a positive, uplifting experience and building connection. It’s about the way you make people feel!
And by caring about that, and being intentional about practicing Hospitality, we can create a ripple effect, and people will be more likely to give others hospitality too. And the grand prize? That awesome Happiness Boost.

Little Ole Me & Wonderful You

Born in South Georgia, and raised in Eastern North Carolina, I grew up in a family that savored good food and hospitality (and still does!)
At Age 17, I won a National ©Kraft Hostess Award.
And now, after 30+ years of hosting clients and friends, planning countless business and social events, and owning a company that helped others do the exact same thing . . .
I now live in Charleston, South Carolina, one of the most hospitable cities in the entire world.
Yessss!  Hospitality has been a recurring theme in my life!
So, I can’t think of a better way to show love and appreciation to southern roots, my loving family, my beautiful city, or to myself, than by creating content that promotes kindness & teaches the importance of compassion, connection, and sharing edible love.
It’s been a crooked road! But I’m beyond thrilled that it has led me to the creation of Scribbles and Grits.
And that Scribbles and Grits -has led me to YOU.